TinYAP 000 > Introduction, Test Drive, Blogging and Publishing History

hi-hi-hi peoples and sheoples, foolers and rulers!

Welcome to our latest introductions of ourselves at WordPress.com…

We are test-driving WordPress here, one test will be the length limits of a blog before the editor complains.  Another test will be how few distractions we may find; we loved Notepad for the least distractions, but we want to use links and build a new audience, so its back to blogging…

Our oldest blogs are on BlogSpot, but that rolled over and played dead on us, it could not handle what we tried to get it to do, namely indexes and tables-of-contents or other cross-linking related blog elements.

We started up again on MySpace, but that was really no better, particularly when we wanted to build more index tables and the like, definitely even harder there.

We moved to PeaceNext, but the peaceniks there were not really the audience we wanted, albeit we still have a serious proposal for world peace that may seem ludicrous, but which we have promoted both on PeaceNext, and on our next blog…

Our next blog was on Temple Illuminatus.  We formed too many social interests there and lost all our time in distractions.  Still love them folks, but they seem to have ruled themselves out as an appropriate audience for what we want to share, so we moved on; let’s hope we can do better with this here WordPress blog engine.

TI had a pretty good editor for blogging, but still no real support for simple indexes or tables of contents.

Yes, we really do have *that* much too say, and even much, *much* more…

We managed to publish 101-some articles on Esoteric Library.  You will need to search for our work by our pen-name, Greg Gourdian, if you want to find any of the articles we have posted on Esoteric Library’s site.

Alas, EL was not a good place to site much of our more rambling, less coherent-seeming work.

Of course, what coheres is in the mind of your epoxy.

Now if you take this peculiar quip in context to ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ you may begin to see that we have a play on words, not something utterly incomprehensible, just a form of waxing poetically that may go over some peoples’ heads or off to the side a wee bit.
Your epoxy might be considered to be your world views, principles, attractors, triggers, and other aspects of your cognitive processes.

If this sort of challenge turns you off, say no more, read no more, this blog may not be for you.

Things to come if we like this blogging tool:

Over 130 pages (and counting) of mind-melting, eyeball-incinerating, acid-in-text, including some things to make your short hairs curl or maybe just curl your lips.  We promise to leave no one unoffended as inoffensively as possible, usually without ever meaning to offend anyone, really.

If you find yourselves too offended for your own tastes then we can only restate: perhaps this blog is not for you.

This blog is for the suicidal, for the mind-weary who have given up because the world is too painful or confusing.  This blog is for poets, artists, and performers.  This blog is for time-travelers.  This blog is for radicals and revolutionaries everywhere who want to see all people get cut a better deal, but who may be stuck on just where to begin.

Not with violence, please, we should be past all that part by now, really…

This blog will be about self-liberation, trust, service, reliability, and a form of futurism that isn’t waiting for the future to arrive but recognizes, instead, that the future is already here.

Dunno if you are gonna have any fun with our thrill rides, but we sure as hell know we will, and we hope y’all will too.


Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn,
aka Greg Gourdian, Falcon, Chameleon, Roger Holler, etc., et al., and then some…

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