About, about, shout it all out, we are the spin your doctors warned you about, come on… (to the tune ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears)


Hi there!

We are pleased to have you make our acquaintances, perhaps we may be able to return the favor someday soon; that is, if you would like.

We scare a few people, some more than others, so if we scare you too, all we can say is we are probably a lot healthier for you than Mickey Dee’s, provided you do not snack on us like a side-order of fries.

We are not using a ‘royal’ we as our personal pronoun for ourselves, albeit it may sometimes sound that way.  Nor are we using a collective ‘we’ for ourselves such as the set including both yourselves and ourselves together.

We experience ourselves as a set of collectives in and of ourselves,  To ourselves we appear to be many minds, many bodies and many spirits all working together.  You might try to consider the various members of our collectives to be different ‘personalities’ once you become aware we have been diagnosed DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) which is really just a bit of some lawyers’ hyperbolic insurance company spin on the jargon once used for the older diagnostic label, MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder).

We assure you that while some of ourselves may certainly appear to be derived from what may be regarded as fragments of a psyche that might be presumed to have been shattered in our early childhood, only some of ourselves identify themselves that way, while other members of our collectives may have other very different notions of who or what they may really be.

There may be many possible truths that might explain who we are, however we feel it may be pointless to try to argue their various merits.  We do manage to agree with ourselves regarding a majority of our interests, particularly where our shared interests focus on our collective goals to inform people about the nature of our realities, which may seem far stranger than you may imagine when first meeting any of us or encountering any of our works.

We are mostly un-earning these days (as opposed to unemployed which we are far too busy to consider a reasonable label).  We mostly focus on developing our writing, however, we have been many, many different things just in the iterations of this incarnation that we remember being between now and our conception in this lifetime. 

We have worked in many fields including Art, Carpentry. General Contracting, Engineering, Architecture, and the IT industry,   We have also held various jobs cooking, cleaning, driving, and clerking.  We spent several years as a political activist during the campaign for divestiture in South Africa intended to help free Nelson Mandela, and we volunteered to help many, many homeless people on many occasions, often with our own resources, but particularly in association with an interfaith network of churches.  In one four-year stint we worked as a psychic reader while also appearing in various venues as a performing artist showcasing our own original work in songs and poetry.

We know from our first hand experiences many things that may seem unusual to other people, such as how all people are really immortal because death is only an illusion, or how peoples’ minds collectively contribute to variations in the weather, or how the civilizations of the ancient Egyptians and Mayans still thrive in alternate dimensions prepared to help humanity survive.

Oy!  Why-oh-why are we not yet writing for the Tabloids?


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