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Schrodinger’s Ghosts – Belief in Ghosts and The Big Bang


Schrodinger’s Ghosts – Belief in Ghosts and The Big Bang
Instead of arguing against us, please experiment with trying to find arguments which may agree with us.  Instead of imagining how what we say cannot possibly be true, please first try to imagine, with us, how what we say here may really be true.

All people unconsciously defend what they believe to be true.  It is not possible to accept something dissimilar to what you believe if you allow your unconscious defense mechanisms to distort our messages here in order to suit the cultural prerogatives your human operant-conditioning has been programmed to defend.

Your cultural prerogatives lie to you.  We hope to help you set yourself free. Continue reading


Welcome to our Treehouse!

We have an ongoing dialogue with our new friend Laura that has wandered across several WP posts mostly in our own blog, but also hers if we remember correctly.

Our Treehouse has been posted to allow us to continue to meet in WP, but in a post dedicated to this dialogue.  We reckon anyone who can follow us here is welcome to join in.

In our last post to Laura, previously to today, we rambled at great length; so fair warning to those with little patience.

We ourselves no longer believe in privacy but we try to respect the feelings of those who still believe in it.  It may be the case that God sees all, but soon big brother will see all too.

(perhaps worse than God seeing all of our shames are the all-seeing eyes of our own inner critics)

Grimoire, 001, Our Minds are Filters

Compressing the Infinite Into a Finite Vessel


Privacy is passé, but it may take another generation or two for people to start living up to the implications of the disappearance of privacy.

Until then we will try not offend anyone; alas we are certain plenty of people will find reasons to offend themselves.

take care and ta! until someone else takes a turn…