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TinYAP 028 — Its a Fey, Fey, Fey, Fey Realm

Welcome to some different ways of seeing nearly everything…

We have been trying to explain how the solar system looks from our points of views since 1982 or so… Let’s start by considering the planets… We’d like you to forget them, your concepts of planets are most likely considerably different from our own.

For instance, you are likely to think nearly 7 billion earthlings live on one planet, however, as we see it, each person has their own planet called earth.

Seven billion planet earths do not collide because each one exists in marginally different dimensions, in their own unique groups of parallel universes.

You do not really need planets, a planet is just a concept that rolls up various bits of the worlds collectively called the realm of earth into smaller, more discrete, more distinctly isolated packages,

It’s the isolation part that is important.

We ask you to forget the planets because they are parts of your childhoods, instructional toys, ways of thinking and perceiving that must be outgrown when it becomes time to become an adult.

A planet is sort of like an egg or a chrysalis.  It’s just something to support you until you are ready to support yourself.

Planetary entry regulations are pretty strict; entry procedures are sometimes brutal.

Anyone wanting full physical access to an earthly planet has some limited choices.

One, they can go find a likely couple, encourage them to copulate, get them pregnant, and then ride their baby in.  Voila!  You are born!

Or, they can look for people experimenting with astral projection and ride in with them.

Or they can find someone who is away from their body due to trauma, injury, disease, or death and ‘borrow’ their body until they return (they always do, eventually or more immediately).

Of course there are a few other ways, but those are either incorporeal, resemble demonic possession, or require some sort of ship.

Any sort of astral ship might do if you do not mind an incorporeal visit, however there are ships capable of physically corporeal visits, albeit they may travel through alternate dimensions to arrive on any planet earth they hope to visit.

By staying out of phase with whichever worlds they are visiting, visitors’ ships remain in an incorporeal state relative to their worlds or planets of observation.  Because there is a minimum of 1 planet earth per earthling, a spaceship can harmonize with the planet earth specific to whichever earthly humanoid they wish to interact with, such that only that ‘individual human’ perceives their visitors; the visitors’ ship remains out of synch with any other nearby humans and may be entirely invisible to them, or may be only partly visible, appearing as a sort of transparency or  ‘blur’.

There are really an infinite array of planets per person, but these may be considered collectively such that any iteration that is contacted may be considered representative of the whole for initial contact purposes…  Contactees may need to adjust their self-perceptions to allow themselves a broader range of contexts whereby they may attempt to perceive their visitors more clearly.  Fey visitors transcend many earthling self-limitations, sort of like grandparents coming to visit and breaking their own children’s’ rules for their grandchildren.

But we did say forget planets, so let’s really try to wipe them off the slate a bit more clearly.

Our ways of seeing the solar system make the solar system resemble an onion.

We see a deeply layered single-layer system of flowing vapors that are extra-dimensional to any of the worlds they become parts of, but which become momentarily dimensional in context to each successive world they ‘pass-through’.  During their dimensional appearances these vapors interact with each other, coming together to make aggregate forms that momentarily exist as sub-atomic particles supporting larger aggregates that form atoms, molecules, etc.  The ‘base’ elements are constantly shifting in and out of their aggregate matrices, moving on from one world to the next, adopting a new identity in each new aggregate form.

<think chords on a taut string><think vibrations running up and down the length creating interference patterns such that the vibrations are more or less intense at different points along the length>

These vapors flow outward from the sun, in dense waves, and inward from the stars in ‘sparser’ rays.

All the space around the sun is inhabited, it isn’t at all like the space commonly described as a vacuum around planet earth.

The space described around planet earth is an illusion, there is no vacuum.

Empty space simply does not exist.

All space is inhabited.

Space requires inhabitants to exist (space cannot exist without inhabitants who create it), sentient, sapient inhabitants.

Each world is like a layer of an onion, each layer has an adjacent layer closer to the center, and another adjacent layer further from the center.

These layers are very thin, in one sense, just what you see, really, with no more substantiality than a morning mist, a bit of fog, or a cloud.

What appears to be atmosphere on the sunward side of any world is soil, rock, rivers, and oceans belonging to the worlds above you, worlds in layers nearer to the sun.

What appears to be solid ground, mountains, lakes, and streams is thin air, mists, clouds, or fog to the beings in the worlds below you, underworld layers further from the sun.

The sun shines through all of these layers very clearly because each layer is very nearly insubstantial. 

All of this is a product of the collective consciousness of all the people living in the solar system and beyond.

A planet is a sort of individualized collection of samples of life from many different places, a sort of minimum life support package.

A planet has a finite useful time, long enough to get its owner to the next stage of their development or evolution; any individual reaching this stage becomes ready to emerge from their chrysalis and become a member of a larger world, a fey world.

To their inhabitants, planets may seem quite substantial, however nothing physical has very much substance at all.  All ‘matter’ is composed of mostly very empty space, except that space is never really empty, it only appears empty because the elements occupying what appears to be empty spaces are out of tune with the music that maintains whatever world the empty region appears to be a part of.  Each ‘element’ resonates with its own tune, and also with the tune it is following.  As the tunes merge into a single tune the element comes into phase, replacing some other element that is slipping out of phase.

The phased in element briefly carries the tune of whatever world or planet it becomes a part of, then it slips out again to be replaced by another element, in a constant stream of elements.

As full of bowels and organs, muscles and tissues as your bodies may appear to be, every part of you is really only vapor thin, all of your various parts achieve just the minimum degree of substantiality required to briefly be a part of you before moving on to be parts of another you, or possibly, someone else.

Your bodies are constellations of vapor particles that briefly resemble what you imagine yourselves to be before becoming other parts of other bodies.

Your bodies are more vast than you might imagine.  Your bodies consist of entire universes of support systems.  Your bodies include your planets or worlds, and everything you can observe within them and beyond them, all the way out to the furthest stars or deep into the bowels of the sun and beyond.

With a mooned planet, each stargate is in constant motion, following the center of gravity of the system that creates gravitational tensions between the moons, planets, sun, and yourselves.

However, within any world (planets excluded), the stargate is directly overhead, in the sun.

A planetary stargate transports you directly into the sun and from there you proceed to the stars.  A worldly stargate takes you directly to the stars, but your transportation to the sun must be negotiated if you cannot find a planetary stargate for swifter passage.

Each of the layers closer to the sun is more heavily occupied and may also appear fortified.  Without the proper ‘visas’ or permits, you may not pass through.

If you carry conflict within you, then you will experience more constant war the closer to the sun you get.  You must be a fit warrior to make the sky journey to the sun, or else be a master wizard, mage, sorcerer, etc., adept with many spells and counter-spells.

Or you can be an exceptionally gifted diplomat, someone with a tongue of gold or silver, someone who can clearly speak into creation whatever they may imagine they require,

To approach the sun from any planet or world you must be a sort of sky-walker.

Since the ground below anyone’s feet is the atmosphere of the world below, a sky-walker may not only walk to the sun, but may also walk to the farthest stars.

Walking is a slower way to go, but a walker establishes way-points that make the return journey faster.  Establishing trade routes along the way takes even more time, but when you are an immortal who is aware of their immortality, time is a tool, not a constraint.

Of course, if you mess up and get yourselves killed, your trade routes may take some damage, depending on how quickly you can return to building them.  Some folks are just faster at returning to their lives than are others.  When you are fey you are responsible for yourself, you can carry around a huge planet if you are insecure or greedy, but if you prefer to be light on your feet, you learn to pull yourselves together on your own.

There is a sea of consciousness that surrounds the sun.  You can float on this sea and get where you need to go, or you can swim through the sea and hope you know your way, or you may build a ship to sail the sea and get lost a whole lot faster.

Of course if you have way-points, signs, or stars to guide you, you might not get lost trying to return to your business quickly.

And, of course, when you return to your business, your body may appear to be occupied or defended; it may appear as if you may have to fight your way in before you are able to take the helm of whatever skin you were ‘last’ wearing when you died.

Whatever affinities you may have with your body may give you an edge when dealing with any intruders, so it is usually a good idea to build strong relationships with your bodies, relationships that are not easily broken by pain, anguish, apathy, or despair.

Pain, anguish, apathy, despair, and other so-called ‘negative’ feelings or emotions are weapons.  Every creature has them as parts of their arsenals, however some folks, species, or races of people are more adept than others at wielding these weapons or defending against them.


there are many avenues in and out of most worlds, avenues leading to other worlds and also to the stars…

What might be called ‘space’ folds.  Every star becomes superimposed upon every other star.

In this manner every star-system occupies the same ‘space’.  All the intrepid voyagers between the stars can find stellar ambassadors from all the far-flung stars by travelling within their own worlds.  These ambassadors can grant a traveler access to their worlds that may be faster than traveling to them by sky-walking to the sun or stars.

There is one other short-cut worth mentioning.

Your heart.

In your own unique center of gravity, the very core of your being, you have the power to transport yourselves to even the farthest stars.

However, your heart must be at peace to enable this power.

The degree to which your heart is tarnished by pain, fear, anger, or other elements of internal, spiritual conflicts with yourselves will limit which worlds and star-systems you may travel to.

Each of you are, all of yourselves, are all stars, your stars fold over one another in space to become suns; your suns are superimposed upon one another so that you have only to look up on the dayside of any world you visit to see the source of all your own strength and power.

Space has always been folded such that all points coincide with all other points hyper-dimensionally through a property described as entanglement in quantum physics.

What appear to be all of the far-flung stars of creation are closer than a voice gently whispered in your ear.

Are you listening yet?

We still owe you a clearer picture of how planets are superimposed, such that people may interact with one another and believe they share a single world together with everyone else.


Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn,
aka Greg Gourdian, Falcon, Chameleon, Roger Holler, etc., et al, ad absurdum…