Grimoire, 001, Our Minds are Filters Grimoire, 002, Evolution, 960 pix wide Grimoire, 003, Nurture, Fight or Flight Grimoire, 004, Choice Grimoire, 005, Color Matrix Grimoire, 006, Third Eye Chakra Grimoire, 007, Personae Resource Matrix Grimoire, 008, Spiritual Contract Grimoire, 009, Space-Time Curvatures Grimoire, 010, Horns(q) Grimoire, 011, the Archeologists Dig Grimoire, 012, Who is the Archeologist(q) Grimoire, 013, What Levels are ACtive(q) Grimoire, 014, Chaos Soup Grimoire, 015, Godes(s) Gift Grimoire, 016, Dreamer, Remember Grimoire, 017, Spirit of Tarot Grimoire, 018, Homunculus


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