Spheres – In The Beginning

The Story of Creation Belonging to the Number Zero

Our tale has a beginning, a beginning that starts in this moment now.
All time is eternal, all time is now.
Time is an illusion that we create with our own minds, an illusion that weaves the fabric of time into our manifestations.
All things happen in this single eternal moment of now.
From the birth of God, to the birth of Creation, all things are happening now.
All future and past histories are emerging now, at all times, always.
This is a story of God’s birth, a birth into innocence and enlightenment.
God’s birth is an everyman or everywoman sort of story, for each human being is a shard of their Divines by whatever names their Divines may be known to them.
Each human being is the equal of all of their Divines and of each other, this is the penultimate spiritual truth before the ultimate state of our mutual spiritual evolutions in which we all ascend together into Unity.
All of creation is a consequence of nothing, nothing at all.
It was impossible for nothing to exist because nothing was nothing at all; therefore, all of creation came into being.
All of creation was a reflection of what nothing could never be.
And yet, all of creation contained the possibility of being nothing.
When the possibility of being nothing fully emerges as it threatens to do in ‘The Neverending Story’ by Michael Ende, all of creation disappears as swiftly as it came into being, in this one eternal instantaneously tiny moment called now.
All of creation throughout all of the infinite stretches of time, eternities of eternities, are all compressed into being now.
Nothing is the empty well of our incarnations into Divine Beings, and it is into our own empty wells we always return.
Between each of our empty wells there is an affinity with all the empty wells of all other self-creating beings.
Together we learn to cooperate to manifest the worlds of our dreams and visions to perfect each of our infinite arrays of infinite worlds to our individual unique hearts’ desires.
This was how All came from nothing.
This is how All returns to nothing.
This is how All is accomplished in virtually no time at all, now.
As we each emerge into our self awareness we become aware of having broken away from ourselves in myriad light-forms that radiate outward from ourselves in all directions to mingle our rays of light with rays of light from other shining star-souls like our own.
As we mingle among each other’s radiant effulgent glories we learn to communicate with light and with a sort of sound below space or time but creating space and time by its presence, a space-time we explore all around ourselves
Our radiance and vibrations begin to define who we appear to be to ourselves as we radiate we begin to define ourselves in more elaborate details; we learn to share our self-discoveries with one another.
There are many self-discoveries to be made.
Some of our rays fall back into our primary star-soul spirits more frequently than others.
When each ray loses itself and is reborn from their creators, it returns with a deeper awareness, a deeper knowledge of its personal union with all of creation unfolding around itself.
The spinning lights of rays of souls combine to manifest infinite physical realms, an infinite array of infinities of complete worlds and universes to experience.
The rays of souls who strayed far from their own sources for long periods of time learned arts of manifestation that excelled, surpassing the skills of their peers who were more frequent visitors to their sources.
These masters of manifestations created extraordinarily attractive worlds that drew many rays of many star-souls into their illusions, inviting them to participate and collaborate with them in their productions, under their own direction.
Thus were the first dominions of creation born, dominions in which many of our star-souls’ rays have subjugated themselves to participate in these sometimes frightening physical dominions.
The next two parts of our story tell about Irielle, a ray who learns to resist the dominions, and Uriyalon, a dominion master.



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