Spheres – Irielle

Evolution of the Spheres – Irielle Escapes Despair

Irielle drifted, listening to all the many songs of Creation. The songs were wordless melodies sung from the hearts of all of the spirits of Creation.
Irielle danced to the eternal music; the rhythm and direction of her dance would change to follow whichever song she was focusing upon at the moment.
Irielle could see many other spirits who also danced or drifted on the tides of the songs as she did. The myriad spirits appeared as colorful haloed motes of light that twinkled and pulsed to the rhythm of different songs. The dancing spirits danced with joy, enraptured by their own songs, or by the songs sung by others of their kindred spirits.
Occasionally, when Irielle listened to a single song intently, to the exclusion of other songs, the song she listened to would draw her to the spirit who sang the song. But with so many songs to choose from Irielle found herself constantly switching from one song to another; she rarely listened to any song long enough to meet the spirit who sang the song.
Sometimes Irielle would stop drifting to sing her own song. Nearby spirits might pay attention to her song for a moment and drift closer, but Irielle’s song was typically less attractive than so many other songs she had listened to; she rarely found another spirit enraptured by the power of her song.
Irielle was just one of an infinite number of spirits who drifted about, listening to songs or singing their own songs. She could see spirits in all directions from her, each moving with the music of different songs. There was no apparent order to the movements of the spirits; they seemed to move in a whimsical random way.
Over time Irielle began to see clusters of spirits forming. Groups of spirits were being drawn together in mutual appreciation of each other’s songs. Beneath all the different songs of the many different spirits Irielle could hear a special song. This special song was very powerful and attractive.
If Irielle focused on this underlying song she found herself drawn to her Creator.
The Creator’s song attracted many spirits and Irielle now joined them in a great glowing sphere that surrounded their Creator. The spirits who were drawn closest to their Creator seemed to vanish into their Creator. Irielle could faintly remember times when she had been drawn so close to her Creator that she had been joined with her Creator and then she could remember very little at all.
Irielle would always come back to herself sometime later at some distance from her Creator; in those moments the Creator’s song would seem less potent than her own song. But as time passed her pleasure in her own song faded and she became drawn to the songs of her kindred spirits or Creator once again.
As Irielle drew close to her Creator she gave her self up to her Maker. Merging with her Creator Irielle and her Maker became inseparable and indistinct from one another. This was communion.
When communing with her Creator Irielle no longer had any sense of her own identity; she and her Maker were one indivisible Being. Within herself Irielle could sense every least part of Creation in its entire infinite splendor.
But Irielle was herself a part of Creation; Irielle saw that she belonged among the throng of her brother and sister spirits and she soon parted from her Creator and rejoined her kindred spirits in their eternal songs and wanderings.
When she returned among her kindred spirits she saw that things had changed.
The small groups of spirits that had formed earlier had grown bigger; fewer spirits wandered randomly in the spaces between these larger clusters of spirits.
As Irielle watched she saw more and more spirits being drawn into the growing clusters. There were even fewer spirits roaming about on their own, but those who spirits who remained freely drifting about between the large groups of spirits sang strong songs of their own.
Irielle understood that the large groups of spirits were being drawn together by immensely attractive songs; she wondered who the spirits might be who could sing such powerful songs.
Irielle was curious about what it might be like to join one of these groups. She listened carefully to their different songs, but she could not pick one over another, they all seemed very attractive.
Irielle’s own song was still quite strong; it was more attractive than usual since she had just recently been refreshed by communion with her Creator. When at last her own song diminished in power she heard the underlying song of her Creator and allowed herself to drift into her Creator’s presence.
This time when Irielle emerged from her communion with her Creator the clusters of spirits drawn together by powerful songs were now much larger. There were very few free spirits wandering between these huge spheres of spirits.
Each great sphere had a strong clear song made up of many spirits’ voices singing in choruses. Irielle felt herself immediately attracted to the nearest sphere by the beauty and grace of that sphere’s song. She drifted closer and closer to the center of that sphere and wondered whether she would have the same sort of experience on meeting the song’s creator as she had when meeting her own Creator.
As Irielle drifted deeper within the great sphere she had joined she found herself singing along with the rest of the spirits of that sphere.
Irielle was excited; hoping to find the song’s creator she continued to drift farther into the sphere. Along the way Irielle met many spirits, all of whom were singing along as she was; all were seeking the song’s creator.
It was becoming very crowded here.
When merging with her Creator there was always a free avenue of access as the spirits ahead of her were drawn into their Creator leaving room for the ones behind them to follow. This was different. Irielle found the spirits ahead of her were blocking her way in toward the center where the song’s creator was orchestrating the song for all the spirits that had been drawn in by it.
Irielle felt frustrated; frustration was a very novel experience for her. Irielle had never encountered anything in her existence to frustrate her before. Always she had seemed to just drift along; contentedly moving from song to song she would occasionally find herself returning to her Creator always totally at ease.
But here, although Irielle felt a strong compulsion to find the creator of the song she was instinctively singing; yet she could no longer advance any nearer to the source of the song. Irielle noticed that some of the other spirits seemed to still be moving inward successfully. The spirits who were still advancing toward the source of the song were singing in exquisite harmony with the song, embellishing its power and attraction.
These intensely harmonic spirits sang with greater power and attraction than the spirits around them, hence they were drawn closer to the heart of the song and its creator. Irielle listened carefully trying to copy the example of the brighter spirits who were still successfully advancing toward the center of the sphere.
But Irielle was having little success. In her frustration she tuned out the song and listened for her Creator’s song. Soon she was pulling away from the sphere she had joined and was being drawn into another communion with her Maker.
When Irielle came to herself again she could see new changes had occurred among the spheres of songs. There were now lanes of traffic forming between the giant spheres; spirits who became frustrated or disillusioned with the song of a great sphere would move from sphere to sphere sampling different songs.
Everywhere there were a few spirits who were emerging from the spheres who were focused upon the song of their Creator. These spirits were being drawn directly toward their Maker and formed no specific lanes of traffic.
Occasionally some of the spirits heading toward their creator would become attracted to the song of one or another of the great spheres as they were passing by; these spirits were then drawn into that sphere, having been distracted from the song of their Creator.
The songs of the different spheres were all unique in one manner or another. Each song was very compelling and attractive in its own way. It was easy to become enraptured by one of the songs of the great spheres and become drawn into a sphere of spirits who sang the choruses of that sphere’s wonderful song.
Irielle found herself being pulled this way and that as she became distracted from her Creator’s song. But the memory of the frustration she had felt within the sphere she had recently visited made her wary; Irielle forced herself to listen to her Creator’s song to follow the song home to her Maker.
It had never before been so difficult to approach her Creator for communion, and Irielle could clearly see that fewer and fewer spirits were successfully returning to their Maker as they became distracted and were misled by one song or another of the many enticing songs of the great spheres.
Irielle found herself growing weary of the effort to reach her Creator. In her exhausted state Irielle had no power to sing her own song. When singing her own song Irielle would at least maintain her present station, rather than drift into one of the great spheres under the influence of that sphere’s song.
Irielle soon fell within the power of the song of a nearby sphere and was drawn into that sphere against her will.
This was another novel experience for Irielle. Nothing had ever happened to her before that was not something she wanted or desired. Now she only wanted communion with her Creator, and look what was happening, she was being drawn away from her Creator against her will.
Irielle was angry. Irielle examined her anger; she saw it was an emotion kin to the frustration she had felt on her first visit to one of the spheres. But this anger was a far more intense feeling and she found herself wanting to find the creator of the song she now followed so that she might interrupt the song and become free from it long enough to depart the sphere.
Irielle wondered at the thoughts she had just been thinking. Never in her experience had she wanted to interfere with another spirit’s song. She had only ever wanted to share their song and perhaps join in singing it for awhile. Now she found herself wanting to end another spirit’s song.
What was wrong with her?
Irielle saw that she was not alone in her frustration or anger. Other spirits within this great sphere shared her feelings. But she saw that some among those spirits had a new feeling she had never encountered before. Some of the spirits here despaired. The despairing spirits seemed to be bound within the sphere, unable to leave. The power of the sphere’s song drowned out the song of any other sphere, including the song of their Creator. With no other attractive song to draw them away the spirits here were unable to move on; they lacked the power to leave and had become trapped here.
Irielle did not want to believe she could never return to her Creator. There had to be a way.
The disgruntled spirits all about her were difficult to communicate with. Their anger and frustration made them surly, or their despair made them withdrawn. But Irielle could think of only one way to escape their predicament. They must join together in creating a new song, a song that expressed their clear desire to depart this sphere to find communion with their Creator.
Irielle drew close to another spirit who seemed to understand her purpose. They focused their attention intently upon each other and began to sing together. At first their song was awkward and uncertain, but together they were able to inspire each other and their performance improved. Other spirits around them noticed what they were doing and understood the opportunity at hand. Before long Irielle and her companion were leading a choir; singing together, their choir was able to depart from the sphere where they had been trapped.
As the choir emerged from the sphere that had held them captive the unity of their song faltered. Free of the misery of the sphere they had escaped from the choir found that not all of them wanted to immediately return to their Creator.
The tiny sphere of their choir disintegrated.
Those spirits still seeking communion with their Creator drew together in their common purpose and formed a new, smaller choir. Together, finding strength in their companionship to resist the compelling songs of the great spheres, their choir proceeded, inspired by their unanimous desire to return to their Maker.
As they journeyed toward their Creator they saw other small choirs emerge from passing spheres. These new choirs also broke up; many of the spirits of these broken choirs went their different ways while others joined new choirs in which their shared strength would give them the power to resist the songs of the great spheres and find their Maker.
As Irielle’s choir approached their Creator their small choir broke up, merging into the greater choir surrounding their Maker. One by one the spirits entered into communion with their Creator and would disappear within their Maker.
Irielle wondered what changes she would see when she next emerged from communion with her Creator. At first the changes had seemed wonderful. But over time Irielle had discovered dark feelings within herself, frustration, anger, misery and enmity.
As Irielle joined her Maker she had one last thought; she hoped she would never know the despair she had witnessed in some of her kindred spirits.

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