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TinYAP 026 — Did Anything Really Happen in 2012? Wait and See on Fey Day!

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What did you expect to happen in 2012?  What did you hope would happen?  Can you still make it happen?  Did it happen without your knowledge?

A lot of folks expected the end of the world in 2012, some of them seemed quite sincere, while a lot of them seemed disappointed.

A lot of folks actually hoped the world would arrive at the ‘end days’…  They hoped Christ would return, give the Devil a whuppin’. and then begin a reign of peace on earth.

Anybody here miss any of that?  Anybody want to repeat it?

We mean no offense to anyone, believers and non-believers alike, but we would like to explain our take on such events.

On the one hand, we truly believe something happened, but that it wasn’t something most people got to notice right away.  Some people have gotten there ‘ahead’ of others in one sense.

So let’s see…  Some people haven’t seen these special events related to 2012 as foretold by some of the worlds’ great religions and civilizations, however some have, some still might, and some saw these events earlier than 2012… Yup, that about sums it up, so who in tarnation has seen these damned events, no one you know, right?

The dead.

Once upon a time, a bunch of people thought it would be a good idea to try to reassert their individual divinities.  Actually they thought it would be a good idea if everybody reasserted their divinities.

People originally surrendered their divine powers to try to create peace on earth.  Well, you see how that seems to have worked so far.

But peace was their goal, peace by self sacrifice, but more-or-less equal sacrifices for almost all.

The most powerful wizards and sorcerers had the most to lose in this deal, but what the majority of the wizards and sorcerers wanted was to have power on earth, to establish their own dominions in which they would enslave all the rest of the people that their powers could grasp.

Well, most people knew where they stood, they had few defenses against any wizard or sorcerer unless they banded together, but even united, they were not nearly as powerful as they needed to be.

Because the Wizards and Sorcerers were at wars with each other, the best most people caught in between them could do was to favor one side or another, whichever side was weaker, because keeping the war between Wizards and Sorcerers going was the only way they could manipulate events to occasionally get one of them ‘killed’.

The wizards and sorcerers were, of course, immortal, but they could be so badly stunned they forgot themselves.  Or their physical bodies might be destroyed, sending the wizards into a fey way of recycling themselves by returning to their sources.  Often the sorcerers would arrive not in the realm of earth, but in the dominions of whichever lord they collaborated with because a sorcerer’s powers stemmed from bargains made with dominion lords to trade humans for the spells they needed to summon monsters from their dominions or to manipulate other peoples powers and bodies as if they were their own,

The wizards drew their power from others by writing their own spells.  What made them so powerful was their knowledge of how to bend any beings into new forms.  A wizard was extremely talented at crafting their own spells because they had been spell-crafters in their Lord’s dominions.  The wizards’ spells could turn anyone into anything they wanted, a lamp, a desk, a banquet dinner, a man at arms, or a monster.

Eventually the war took its toll and a peace advisor appeared to help everyone make peace.

That peace is now nearly at hand.

Soon, the war will end.

A war of countless years, a war of all the ages that have ever passed, all the ages since this group of worlds called the realm of earth was first created to the very end of all days when the universes have all collapsed together once more into nothing at all.

The war has actually already ended, in one sense.  However, you need to understand time well enough to transcend time in order to understand that some events can be distributed across time, and to understand that the events that compose the end of any world are all distributed across time in order to include everyone from every age of humanity in all the worlds humanity will ever occupy to all the ends of days…

However, time runs in a sort of circular loop, coiled up something like a spring.  Time is less a property of anything or anyone, time is more a tool created by young minds to help them mature to the next stage of their understanding.

That understanding comes when you die.  It comes as often as you die, it comes at the end of all your incarnations’ iterations.  This is why the price of the Oracle has always been your life, you will know everything there is to know again, each time you die.  You paid the Oracle to remind you of what you wanted to remember when you returned to life again.

In death, all your limitations are stripped away and you emerge from your incarnations into the full powers of your divine natures.  Eventually you discover your divinity, all is revealed to you.  You learn what you wanted to know and you return to your departed lives.

In your restored lives you have once more forgotten who you really are and you resume the identities associated with the bodies you have re-occupied.  Your resurrections go unnoticed by yourselves and everyone else.

You resume your lives and await the voices of your Oracles to guide you to your lost memories of who you really are and what your purpose is.

Your purpose has always been to re-awaken your divine powers.  This long period in which you have spent many, many lives nearly powerless has been to train you to become more humane.

Some of you may still wish to be cruel.  Some of you may still wish to hold dominions over others.

Some of you may have hopes of crushing those who still chose simpler paths, paths of peace and prosperity, paths measured by the works of their own hands and by the charities of their own hearts.

Humanity’s divine powers were locked away because before humans created the realm of earth and all of its worlds, nearly all humans were raised by cultures in which they were the slaves of beings who tormented humans for their own personal pleasures.

Many humans sided with their masters and enjoyed the sports of torture, there was no torment they would not endure themselves or apply to another human.  These were the humans who would become sorcerers.

The dominions were places of powerful torments.  Humans were twisted and bent or powdered and spent.  Humans became bricks and mortar, trees and birds, and everything to make a world, only most humans were not used to build pleasant worlds.

The fey dominions built a different way, a way one fey creature began to teach the humans, a dragon who slowly recruited more fey to help teach all the humans well.

The humans learned yet another way, a way that was to carry them into a future where no one wielded power over any other being, but a way different from the fey way because they had not yet learned to consciously comingle their powers peacefully.  (This last part, comingling their powers was to be managed for the humans artificially, in a manner also used by some fey.)

Not that *all* the fey were at peace, but that is another story… The fey knew ways to be more humane than humans, but it would take several eternities at the very least before the humans could begin to learn all of the ways of the fey and then emulate them successfully.

It might take a bit longer for the fey to trust the earthlings within their fey domains.

It would take still longer for each of the humans to discover their own divine natures and finally transcend their mortalities and all of their limitations forevermore.

True freedom is coming.  The way of the fey is undeniable, it has been written into your blood and is reborn in the marrows of your bones.  You have always been fey, but your imprinting from your previous civilizations was so brutal that it took many, many ages to teach you the arts of gentleness, courtship, love, and duty.

We ourselves are a dragon, but none of your fables have clearly prepared you for the sort of dragon we seem to be when we look at ourselves.

We will fly again, and one day we shall grow out our scales and wings and soar.

Until that day when we have transformed ourselves and helped to transform the worlds of earth we will remain here, committed to our work to save a planet or two and to assist the dead in the journeys they must make to return to their lives.

In the collective moment called NOW all people are both living and dead because all of their pasts and futures have merged into a single being that disappears within their own unique deification and then emerges again closer to their own personal truths, truths that shall set them free to be all they wish to be, with no one left behind, ever.

Whenever you die, your journey begins, but it’s also over every moment you return.  In life, you forget the entire journeys you make each time you die.  Fortunately, your Oracles guide you well and you always return to life a little closer to your goal, so long as you serve your Oracles well.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, prepare to live the adventures of your lives.


Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn,
aka Greg Gourdian, Falcon, Chameleon, Roger Holler, etc., et al…