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Daily Prompt Challenge — Post Mortality

Written in response to the Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal

Post Mortality

We didn’t know immortality would one day come in a potion.  We suppose we should have anticipated this development, but really, a potion?


We would have preferred a little blue pill.  Or better yet, a red one!

We do not think anyone needs an immortality potion, but if an immortality potion helps convince everyone they are really immortals, then perhaps we can say Go for it!

In our past lives immortality was a sort of triumph or personal feat; an achievement of a person’s will, a product of their sheer determination to live at any cost.

Of course, we are no longer living in those past lives, immortal though we were even then; instead, we have left those past lives behind.  We have chosen to divide ourselves and to leave those past lives to some of our other selves to continue to live in.  We have now moved on to this current incarnation, a new series of lives in which we have already been an immortal for many, many years now, long before this new potion came along.

We have never needed an immortality potion.

Being an immortal does not mean we cannot be killed; this flesh is weak, but it is also very easily replaced.  Our immortality is really a guarantee of our immediate resurrection, so long as it is our will to go on, along with a guarantee that one or more of ourselves will always choose to go on with any life we have ever been born into.

We are not sure whether immortality in a potion may really be a good idea, but hey, its done, so how do we live with it?

When we first learned we were immortal we did not want to believe it.

We wanted to die.

Of course, the only way anyone will ever find out if they are really immortal is to die and then return to their life, yes?

We discovered our own immortality long before the immortality potion came along by trying to kill ourselves.

But now, if you hand out all of these immortality potions so that everyone can discover they are immortal for themselves, you are gonna wind up with a lot of people killing themselves just to prove to themselves they really are immortals.

That is actually a dangerous business.

For one thing, our entire civilization may come crashing down as a result of these immortality potions.  Why would immortals wish to spend their eternities at their jobs?

For another thing, people will still be dying, however, many of them may try dying more often or may murder one another more frequently.

Sure, no one will really remain dead after they have died, but for people who do not believe these immortality potions really work there is a constant risk of psychoses as their cognitive dissonance between what they choose to continue to believe and what is now the new reality for their entire world collide with each other and vie for dominance.

Yet another danger is that while you will always return to life after you have died, you still experience your death as a physically, psychically, and emotionally traumatic event.  If you die often enough you can still develop a pretty serious case of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

We should know, we are still experiencing our death agonies; they continue to reverberate through our overloaded nervous systems.

Fortunately, we are pretty much done with testing our own immortality, we are reasonably well satisfied we will always return to this life each time we die in it.

Our immortality has not changed our morality.

We choose to be a moral person, within our own definitions of morality and within the weaknesses, tolerances, or limits of our disciplines.

That is our choice.

We see no reason to change this choice regardless of whether or not we are immortal.

However, we have known many criminals, some of whom have been self-avowed murderers, who might say the same for themselves; there are many days when we can believe that perhaps they can describe themselves as moral people not only sincerely, but even truthfully.

Morality is an extremely thorny issue.

We do not believe there are any universal codes for morality, we believe morality is a private matter and that morality should always remain a private matter.

We do not believe morality can be successfully legislated, the rate of incarceration per capita in the USA should be proof of this.

Personally, we prefer to choose not to bring harm to any other living being within what we might hope may be a reasonable scope or respectable parameters.

Might we harm one person to prevent harm to another?


However, for some people, it may become much easier to use deadly force when they know that anyone they kill will always come back.

Eventually, people will learn that their immortality potions have really worked and they really are immortals.

We may only speculate whether morality will improve in this new world full of immortals only.

On that day when all people know they are immortals those people who are still believed to be dead will rise up from their graves and return to their lost lives.

This is because as immortals, the human race will now live long enough to invent time travel and then return to resurrect their dead ancestors.

People who have risen after a long period in their graves will take a long time to get up to speed.  They will shamble into their resurrected lives like zombies, slowly healing from ancient traumas that once held them in their graves, and slowly healing from cognitive dissonance between their past lives and this brave new modern eternal world…

We know this because we have already seen it happen.  We have already lived forever an infinite number of times.


Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn,
aka Greg Gourdian, Falcon, Chameleon, Roger Holler, etc., et al…

Obesity, Diabetes, and the Surgeon General

We don’t know if there is already a category for DP Challenges called ‘Self-Challenges’, if not, perhaps there should be?  We found today’s challenge in our email.

Dr. Peter Attia featured on Ted.com: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?

Dr. Peter Attia suggests that perhaps the wrong war against diabetes and obesity is being waged.

While we might say that much of Dr. Attia’s presentation describes information that has been previously known, such as the real or perceived relationships between sugar and type 2 diabetes, there are several reasons why presenting this information still has a very high public value.

For one thing, it is important to remember that in the collective minds of the general public our preconceived beliefs may tend to outweigh any possible scientific objectivity.  Therefore, in order to work through the inertia of our conventional public perceptions about obesity or diabetes (perceptions that may be incorrect) it may be necessary to present this information to every generation on a frequent basis if we are to get to the real roots of these problems.

Yes, there is a sort of conspiracy on behalf of the dairy, meat, and pharmaceutical industries to promote their own interests at what may turn out to be a terrible cost to the general public, but that conspiracy also includes all the rest of us. Collectively, we the people are cooperating with this conspiracy, in part, because we are all too often psychologically motivated to hide darker, more disturbing truths from ourselves.

Food is addictive, perhaps it is only particular types of food that are addictive, such as carbohydrates, or salty, fatty foods, or perhaps all types of food can become addictive, depending on whatever you personally like most.  The mechanisms of addiction operate in the pleasure center of the brain, anything that consistently rewards someone with pleasure is potentially addictive, even things that may sometimes be considered to be negative, or dangerous, such as red meat, potato chips, or anger.

So-called ’emotional eating’ may always be a form of addiction.

Who do we know who has profited by selling the world an addictive product?

Why shouldn’t our food and drug industries benefit from the same strategies that made the big tobacco companies so powerful?

Addictions are powerful tools for controlling people, just ask any pimp who keeps their string of whores strung out on dope.

Our government is an illusion that keeps us distracted from a highly predatory animal, a beast who finds that keeping most people in an ignorant, dependent state is to its own benefit.  That animal, of course, is our military-industrial complex, a beast we might once have desperately needed, but a beast that may finally have finally outlived its usefulness in a world that should be preparing for peace.

We cannot rely on our government to protect us from itself.

Even the best Surgeon General must answer first to their own brass stars.


Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn
aka Greg Gourdian, Falcon, Chameleon, Roger Holler, etc., et al…

DPchallenge — A Matter of Sweet Destiny

Oops!  We saw this DPchallenge with a big picture of strawberries directly above it that we mistook for the challenge’s subject… The real contest photo was hidden beyond the READ MORE  button.  We doubt we can win that contest with this entry now…  ;^)  Enjoy!

It was a beautiful sunny day, the bright red Italian strawberries should have been very happy, they were on the cusp of a blessed event, but instead, the strawberries were very worried…

All of the strawberries came from a good farm with very good pedigrees; they were lovingly raised by itinerant workers who always treated them with respect, nurturing them, grooming their roots, watering them, and tending them every day in the hot Italian sun.

Sometimes the farmer’s wife would sing to them as she picked strawberries for her family.

The strawberries were all very grateful for the farm where they were raised.

Sure, some of the strawberries had some minor blemishes, but any of the strawberries would dare you to find any one of them you would not want to pop into your mouth and gobble down, or nibble slowly, enjoying your strawberry in whatever manner suited your nature or the whim of a moment.

Ordinarily, the strawberries were never worried.

As a rule, nearly all strawberries were nearly always very cheerful, robust fruits, certain of good destinies in the hungry bellies of their appreciative consumers.

But today, the strawberries were having trouble seeing their destinies. The strawberries were reduced to the status of humans. Humans never knew their destinies, but the strawberries had been favored by the fates to always know their destinies.

The fates loved strawberries. The fates would always play with their strawberries; they would pop each strawberry in their empty eye-socket, pretending it was an eye.

One time this actually worked, sister Alarm had popped a strawberry in her eye-socket on a whim and seen a glimpse of the future for her sister Dread.

The fates had always been forbidden to know their own futures, so this was a moment of extraordinary magic for the Fates.

Consequently, the elated Fates bestowed two gifts on all strawberries for all time. All strawberries would always be allowed to pick their own destinies, and all strawberries would always be allowed to remember the particular destiny each one had picked for themselves; every strawberry would always know who would eat it.

Until today, that is.

The strawberries could all remember their destinies yesterday, what had changed?

Yesterday, the strawberries were peaceful and content because each one knew exactly which human would eat each one of them; yet now, today, no strawberry could remember which humans might eat them. Each strawberry could only hope that they would be safely delivered to the humans they had each chosen to be eaten by when they were barely little buds seeing the sun for the very first time.

Each strawberry had spent its lifetime grooming itself to be the snack of a little child or a tired executive or a harried stewardess. Sometimes a strawberry would choose a favorite pet to eat them for their destiny.

Occasionally a strawberry might fail to meet their appointed destiny, but only because some strawberries refused to choose nasty fates and deceived themselves. The fates of all strawberries could not all be good, but nearly every strawberry wanted a good fate.

No one wanted to be the strawberry that fell under a cartwheel, or who got neglected until it spoiled. Consequently, vain strawberries who failed to choose their fates wisely would sometimes be disappointed.

Typically the wisest strawberries chose the nastiest fates to spare the rest as much disappointment in their lives as possible.

The wisest strawberries had spent many incarnations as strawberries and knew the ropes of strawberrydom better than the newbies, especially those newer strawberries who had never become a strawberry before.

So what was different about today? Why did none of the sweet strawberries sitting under the ‘Itali’ sign remember their chosen fates? Had they all been too unwise to choose a more modest fate? Might they all be crushed in a lorry crash?

Perhaps something was wrong with their bright yellow sign? The strawberries were sure it said ‘Itali’, but they did not know what ‘Itali’ meant, maybe ‘Itali’ meant poison and they would all be sent to an incinerator!

More and more strawberries were beginning to panic as one wild conjecture or another was whispered nervously between them until they had finally exhausted all of the possibilities.

The strawberries worried that the natural order of life that their kind had known for thousands of years of cultivation was about to be upset… what had happened to take away their assurance in their own destinies?

Perhaps the cumbersome humans would know what to do. They always had lots and lots of ideas…

A human was coming now.

Perhaps the day would turn out all right.

As the first customers approached the strawberries, the strawberries prayed together to their earth mother that all would be ok.

Then the strawberries heard a familiar voice, a voice that none of the wisest strawberries had heard since the Fates had given them so much power over their destinies and the comfort of knowing that their destinies would always be secure.

A withered old lady’s hand plucked a plump strawberry from the basket nearest to her; a few black swan feathers poked out of the long sleeve of her timeless black dress.

The strawberry was popped into the odd old lady’s single eye socket. The strawberry’s memory was returned, sister Dread had tricked the strawberries to give them a little surprise.

The strawberries were so relieved to have their memories of their destinies given back to them that they immediately forgave sister Dread. The lucky strawberry in Dread’s eye socket blessed sister Dread with a happy vision of her sister Horrid’s old flame Dionysus coming to visit.

As the day warmed up the strawberries began to disappear as they were carried to homes, offices, restaurants and schools to meet their happy fates.

Soon, most of the strawberries would become parts of the humans that consumed them and they would begin new lives, human lives, lives they had been looking forward to all of their ripening days.

The End.