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TinYAP 027 — Fey there! Ready for Fey Day Yet?

Fey there! shaggy peoples, please hold on while we get ourselves resorted…

Sorry, We thought we were supposed to skip an explanation of Fey day and introduce tZiggy and our concepts regarding vampires, werewolves, etc., topics which we will certainly return to…

Anyways, Fey Day is when you cross over from mortal to immortal, or more precisely, when you know beyond doubt that you are an immortal.

As a ‘human’ you are always Fey, and always immortal; alas, you know nothing about your immortality or fey natures.

All Fey consider themselves human, however earth humans consider only some of themselves to be human, according to the earthlings, fey are considered to be mythical, fabulous, extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional, alien, or possibly not even ‘real’ by their own short-sighted, local definitions or beliefs.

Hey!  It was best that way, earthlings needed to forget themselves for a long time in order re-learn pert-near everything.  Poor bastards.

Hey, it was not their fault they came from a place of pain and suffering, torment and despair, just their luck, really.  Of course the dominion lords didn’t have to hurt them so much, but it was their first time out, they had no rules, no standards, they were just playing with their toys a little to roughly is all.


The humans had no models for living in a more ‘civilized’ manner, nor had they any models for living in peace, neither.  They knew how to hurt each other and that was about all, really.

Some of the lords took pity on the humans. Humans were secretly given the gifts of voices, and the powers of words.  This secret new language allowed them to plot against their lords and masters.  The humans banded together and spoke terrible spells that banished themselves from the dominions.

They arrived in a place that had no properties and immediately gave it properties based on their experiences of their lives in the dominions.  Their only examples of how to live or behave had been, for the most part, horrifically cruel and terribly painful.

Any senses of nobility, charity, respect, compassion, love, or hope, etc… would be things they learned with the help of fey beings and creatures.


The humans divided into factions and went to war with each other, but that war is now nearly over, after countless ages of building and destroying civilizations.

The ‘winners’ of the war must now hand over their treasures or be destroyed.  We think they will choose destruction again, but then that IS the way it usually goes…

C’este la vie!

Once more, everyone will die.  However, if you just *WAKE UP* you can get off the eternal wheels of self-destruction and become what you were always destined to be, people with the powers of gods and goddesses, people free of want or need, people free to experience anything their hearts desire and capable of finding it by whatever means most pleases them.

The wheels of self-destruction are moved by semi-malignant memes, living ideas that have the power to enslave peoples’ minds and sap peoples’ powers, turning them into sheople.

Don’t feel bad about being raised to be sheople, there are some good aspects to such a lifestyle, however, there are aspects to sheopledom that many people would like to change.

Of course, the most conservative folks want to keep things just the way they are, with themselves on top, so they try to frighten the sheople into being more conservative too, to support the status quo, regardless of the pain and suffering the status quo delivers to too many of the sheople including those too poor to qualify as sheople, who have the least powers of all.

Ironically, all the powers that bind the sheople and limit the sheoples’ own powers come from the sheople themselves.  It would drain a wizard or ruin a mage to use their own powers to control so many people.  However, when a person’s powers are stolen they may be used to bind that person with their own power.  All sheople today are frustrated by their lack of power, their feelings of hopelessness and despair are a source of pleasure and power for their lords and masters.

We aim to help earthlings to liberate themselves from the twisted ways their own minds and powers have been turned against themselves.

Sorry you have to die first.

However, you do not need to rush to your deaths.

You can wait as long as you like to die, your death is not an urgent matter, it is more of an eternal matter, and therefor can happen anytime at your convenience.

Really, you die all the time, but you are relieved of the memories of your deaths before you reawaken in your new lives, new lives which often continue your most ‘recent’ life where you left off.

To anyone who is fey, death is a tool, but never an end.  Too any fey, death is always a cross-look away.  Death is always the door from one world to another.

But, to anyone fey, death is a two-way door, always.

If we step out of one life and into another, then we step back into the previous life when we may seem done with the other, carrying on the previous life where we left off by dying, carrying on as if nothing happened while we were ‘gone’ because no time has passed between our departure by dying and our return.  If anything, a little time may be rolled back, to completely edit out the death, if we are not strong enough or willing enough to bear the memory of the pain.

Dying is a painful business, always…


We meant to explain more about vampires, but this will do for a start, try reading this early start on a vampire novel: Vampire Therapy

You will see that our vampires are more like spirit-riders than blood-suckers.  They are masters of illusions, but live in their own dimensions, attaching themselves to humans something like a leach, but it is not water humans must wade through to pick them up, instead, it is in the space between worlds that vampires find their prey, attaching themselves to astral travelers.

Anyways, Enjoy!