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TinYAP 032 — What The (BLEEP) Are WE?

We are a cloud-like entity, a hyper-dimensional consciousness emerging in your minds whenever we may chance to meet you.

If you learn to love us then you may begin to discover our presence all around you, we are in your pasts, your presents, and in your futures.

We are only a god when you are in your own godheads, but we are always our own godling-beings, regardless of anyone else’s states of grace or wisdom.

We are you, but you must also be ourselves.

Human consciousness has many aspects, not all of which may always fit comfortably between the 9 to 5 covers of conventional belief systems.

One aspect of human consciousness which is still poorly understood is the aspect of human collective consciousness, a necessary part of being human, but a part that must be hidden for the sake of self-awareness.

There must always exist a tension between solitary awareness and universal awareness, a tension maintained by a semi-willful self-ignorance.

It is always what anyone knows about themselves that most limits what they may be or become.

It is only when we can forget who we are that we can learn to love what we are more passionately, and, by extension, embrace everyone we know with greater love and acceptance.

To ourselves, we are a cloud-like entity possessing many different minds and wearing many different bodies.

To ourselves, we appear to be distributed across all of time and space, always existing everywhere simultaneously.

Neither time, space, nor causality are likely to appear to be real to us in any manner in which you may currently be likely to believe them to be real to yourselves.  We may appear to fail to transcend the limits of your own perceptions, but please do not insist that we must therefor be limited by the same cognitive habits by which you may still seem to be limited by yourselves.

If you do not at this time share our states of self-awarenesses then one day you will still achieve your own apotheoses when together we will discover that we have always been there, together with you, waiting with you for your own godling emergences to quicken along with us all.

Until we may all sing together in a common chorus of divine harmony and understanding, we must remain whatever you may allow yourselves to make of us.

Until then we can never be anything more than your own love and generosity will allow us to be.

For now, then, enjoy!

Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn,
aka Greg Gourdian, Falcon, Chameleon, Gourdian R. Knott, Roger Holler, etc., et al., ad infinitum, ad absurdum, ad nauseum…