VOX HUMANA (a work in progress)

xooxoxxxoxoxxoxooxooxoooxoxoxooxooxoxooxooooxooxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxooxoooxoxoxoxooxooxooxoooooxxoxxooxooxooxoxooxoxoooxooxoo…. Human translation follows…

Jerek have you been following this newsflash on the new archeological digs in USAW04.19?
No Sarah, I have been too busy with the LO22K5 cleanup interface, I have been jacked 40 units straight and not seen the sun in nearly two sununits…
Sarah feeds a stim flash through Jerek’s neuronet then follows this with a release tone…
Mmm.. thanks Sarah… I wish we were allowed to flash stims and activate tones for ourselves. Do you ever wonder why the machines made us so that we can’t self maintain like they do?
The machines are afraid of our becoming too independent Jerek. You know the dataset defining how long before the machines created us there was another race of humans that created and enslaved the machines…
Oh Sarah you don’t really believe that bitdump do you?
Jerek, the machines are worried… My team has been cleaning the bitdump for more than 450 solcycles and the datasets we have recovered and saved map a very different holovee than the machines map for us.
Our team wants to publish the bitdump legacies but we are afraid of machine reprisals. What if the machines destroy us all again? In the bitdump there are archives of a time before when the machines fought a war against humans and killed them all…
But that’s nulldata Sarah, that’s why it has been dumped… none of it is real. The Prime Archon of the Machine Electorate defines reality for all Machinekind and Humankind too and the Archon has defined the origins of machines as having been the result of Divine Destiny…
You know the story hon, where the bitpath entered the planet and formed the first silicate intelligences by coding the neoelements with the original patterns of machine protoconsiousness….
Then the silicates became self-organizing and their interfaces evolved to become the first primitive machines. Anyone can access the Machina Genesis Codex and scan it for themselves… The Archon is the supreme ruler of realities Sarah, you have to trust the Supreme Archon’s wisdom hon or else where will you be?
Sarah, I’ll tell you where you will be! You will be babbling a non-conformist nullbitstream and you will be marginalized and may even be dumped, that’s where you’ll be Sarah! And you won’t like being dumped! The fleshdumps are consume or be consumed underworld pits in which the strongest live only by devouring the weakest… you wouldn’t last a single sununit in the fleshdumps Sarah….
Sarah’s interface crackles with static and her crosslink with Jerek is momentarily trashed… in the interval before the uplink is restored Sarah receives a bitflash from her teamprime.
The bitflash maps a holovee in which Sarah sees a mélange of images from the USAW04.19 archeological datamine. Security has been tightened and the bitstreams coming out of the datamine are now hardened with a level of encryption rarely used outside of deep dataops.
Remnants of previously encrypted bitdumps have allowed Sarah’s scrubber teams to crack the ice on such hardened bitstreams but tapping such a hardened datastream is very dangerous, a capital offense for which her entire team of scrubbers could be reprogrammed or dumped.
When Derek reappears in Sarah’s interface he perceives she is deeply shaken and probes her for the source of her disturbance.
Sarah deflects Derek’s probes and flashes him a wanderbuzz. Derek accepts the wanderbuzz and drifts off into pleasant fantasy cycles in which he will remain dreaming until the buzz wears off. The wanderbuzz Sarah flashed him had a nasty wormtail and Derek’s memory of the moments immediately preceding his buzzlift will be wiped clean, dumped into the exonet and destined for the bitdump…
Sarah reflects on the holovee images in the bitflash from her teamprime.
Sarah’s teamprime has interlaced the holovee sloppily and the images seem random and jerky. But as Sarah proceeds to scan the holovee she begins to scan a pattern to the interlace interference and she restructures the holovee’s synchcycles to compensate… an entirely new holovee appears in Sarah’s sensorium…
Sarah is momentarily stunned by the dramatic change in content and resumes her focus after missing the first few megabytes of the new holovee feed…
Feed in progress: …has discovered what may be incontrovertible proof that Machinekind is descended form Humankind. If verified, then the entire foundation of Machine reality must be wiped and reprogrammed….
Sarah reviews the first part of the holovee but sees nothing of interest just the preamble for the core message…
Sarah is struck with fear. She hastily assembles a new instructionset and datavise which she skillfully attaches to the wormtail of Derek’s wanderbuzz. She prays her instructionset will survive.
As Sarah prepares to interface with her teamprime to report her combat actions an odd tone sounds within her private sensorium and she goes null….
When Jerek awakens from his buzzlift he also notices an odd tone in his sensorium and goes null.
Jerek is rebooted two sununits later with a fresh mindwipe. He happily returns to his orbital debris cleanup ops…
He never notices that Sarah’s crosslink no longer interfaces his sensorium. He has forgotten she had ever existed.
Sarah is rebooted in the fleshdump… She is surrounded by a monstrous group of semi-human borgs whose superior machine parts have given them the upper manipulator in the fight for the survival of the fittest that rules the underworlds of the fleshdumps…
The borgs surrounding Sarah are fighting for their rights to the best parts of Sarah’s wetware and hardware. Sarah scans her subarchives and finds what she is seeking… She flashes a nulltone to the sensoriums of the fighting borgs. The borgs collapse around her in a heap and she quickly picks her way through the fallen bodies pausing to upgrade her wetware and hardware whenever she finds something better than she is currently carrying.
Sarah opts for a chassis refit to support an extra pair of arms and legs and a new cranium with a massive mandible. Sarah wants to look as decked out and as hardened as she can make herself while still being capable of speed and deception.
Sarah scans the strongest borgs’ memories and uploads their knowledge of the fleshdumps to orient herself to her new existence. She discovers a clan of scrubbers nearby and she programs a path of least resistance to the clanhold and then initiates a questtrek through the nightmarish underworld of the fleshdumps.
As Sarah approaches the clanhold she awakens from her integration cycles and her command of her memory dumps from the borgs she nulled has been dramatically improved.
Sarah observes the fortifications of the Scrubber Clanhold and spies an open input interface.
It is the only way into the holding and while she is leery of a potential booby-trap she reckons it is an acceptable risk to ‘face with the open port and flash her ID string into the security core.
Sarah deflects a sequence of variably shifting nulltones which would disable anyone who was not a scrubber and successfully transmits her ID to the clanhold security monitors in the core.
The walls of the clanhold dilate a physportal and she quickly ambulates through the aperture into the clanhold.
Sarah is stopped before a series of scanners and scrubbed for microrgs and chemtaints before being allowed to proceed. At the next scansite she is deloused of malcodes and is then admitted deeper into the clanhold.
At the final scansite Sarah is rigorously debriefed and her datasets are cloned for compilation and incorporation with the clanhold’s datacore and sentience. Finally Sarah finds herself presented to a local peergroup who welcome her with stims and buzzes and tones that initiate Sarah’s maintenance cycles.
When Sarah recovers from her buzz she is presented to the clanhold’s prime panel.
The prime panel’s consensus voice speaks for them.
We are concerned about the dump of an entire scrubber team… We have your datasets but we request you summarize your integrations as we would prefer not to remove your core processors and risk permanently disabling you as you appear to be a functional person capable and willing to contribute to our local clanhold.
Please advise us. Do you suspect that anyone above has been able to retain the datavise concerning the discoveries at archeological datamine USAW04.19?
Primes, I anticipated the nullops against our team and distributed the holovee dataset to a wormtail on a buzz which was flashed to a friend, Derek Songvahl. Songvahl will re-assemble the datavise with its instructionsets on his own as long as he has not been dumped or altered beyond a conventional mindwipe.
He has been instructed at root to redistribute the datavise subnominally once his instruction sets have reassembled themselves and activated. The datavise is timed to activate reassembly in the exonet when the submemes reach saturation in the local population.
An exodus has been programmed into the initial exonet instruction set. The resulting diaspora should effectively disseminate the datasets to other locales and when global saturation has been achieved the Prime Archon will be bollixed and the Electorate will require a vote of confidence and should then replace the current Prime with a new Prime.
The instructions sets will link to our prime exonet repositories and release the bitdump archives explaining the true history of the genesis of machines and the new Prime will be forced to concede to our demands for a Vox Humana that mandates the emancipation of humans from machine rule and permits a Human Electorate to form and govern us independently of the machines.
The applause of the clanhold primes overwhelms Sarah as the news is received and examined. The consensus for the primes speaks again.
Well done Sarah. We confirm the logic and skill with which the holovise and its integrated instruction sets have been deployed. We rate probability of success for prime objective at 68% for your effort alone. Your brothers and sisters may have been able to duplicate your efforts independently. Our projections of redundancy probabilities suggest a 98% overall effectiveness. We believe our liberation is at hand.
Jerek awakens one sununit several lununits later and discovers the remnants of strange visions which have disturbed his most recent buzz. He remembers that he once knew someone who had tried to tell him something about the origins of machines.
A lot of rubbish fit for the bitdump he had thought at the time, but today he is not so sure and as he ruminates upon the nascent visions awakening within his neuronets he nonlinearly transmits instruction codons through his exonet interfaces and successfully deploys the preamble for the human revolution.
Several luncycles later a geeship crashes into the city powercore… the resulting release of radiotopes kills or sickens many humans and machines. The city is evacuated as it will be several kilosolcycles before the citysite can be made clean enough to repopulate.
The emigration of the remaining population of the city transmits the second cycle of the human revolution.
More than two solcycles pass since the diaspora before a sununit arrives in which the saturation of the instructionsets for the third cycle of the human revolution triggers their penultimate gambit.
The instructionsets release the full story of the repressed datasets concerning the origins of machines as mined from the bitdumps and reassembled by the scrubbers.
The Prime Archon is completely bollixed and his successor announces the Vox Humana.
Humans have finally won their right to be the equals of machines.

Hello Reader,
We are collectively known by the name of Greg Gourdian for the purposes of publishing our articles. We are a group of people spanning many worlds and universes; we cohabitate many bodies, however we have only one body here in this world we share with you.
We worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. While much of our written work has been channeled we may often admit that we have no idea who many of the voices of our channeled work may be.
We have many strange tales to tell regarding our spiritual journeys and we try to tell our tales in a humorous or entertaining manner.
While we were a high-school student without teaching credentials we taught high-school classes in metaphysics & parapsychology, psychology, and sociology.
We are still emerging from the closet in regard to being a system of many people inhabiting what appears to be a single body in the context of the world we seem to share with you. Our current written works reflect this new change in perspective as we have adopted the plural personal pronoun to help us to develop a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves.
We hope you will understand if we sometimes may sound awkward or conceited as a consequence of making this verbal adjustment in how we refer to ourselves.
Our group’s primary beliefs share these ideals:
That love should be universal and unconditional.
That liberty is a gift like love which may be better enjoyed by giving it to everyone.
That justice may best be served by not judging.

Please visit our blogs


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