Spheres – Uriyalon

Evolution of the Spheres – Uriyalon’s Domain

Uriyalon sang.
Uriyalon‘s song was sweet and pure and potent, he had recently returned from communion with his Maker. Uriyalon’s song reverberated with tones and harmonies and rhythms which he had learned from his Creator’s song.
As Uriyalon sang he drew strength from the songs he heard from other nearby spirits. Uriyalon carefully wove elements of their songs into his own song.
Before long those nearby spirits were drawn to Uriyalon‘s song. They clustered about him, fitting their songs into his song.
Uriyalon turned his attention to the songs of more distant spirits, his ensemble grew. At the heart of Uriyalon‘s group Uriyalon trained his strongest supporters to carry on different parts of his song so that his song acquired greater depth and detail. All the while Uriyalon sang his alluring song, drawing in new spirits.
Uriyalon eventually lost the thread of his Creator’s song. Uriyalon had always listened to The Creator’s song, borrowing elements of it to fit into his own creation, but as he grew more deeply involved in creating and maintaining his own song his attention to his Creator’s song waned until he could no longer hear it or rely on it to guide him.
By that time Uriyalon was so enraptured with his own song that he never noticed he had forgotten his Maker. Uriyalon was too busy composing new elements of his song and orchestrating the voices of his supporting spirits to feel the loss of his Creator’s voice or the loss of communion with his Maker.

Grimoire, 002, Evolution

The Ain Soph Aur Revisited


Until now there had been only a single force to Uriyalon’s song, an attractive force. But Uriyalon now felt himself crowded and hemmed in by the spirits gathered all about him. He needed to work with so many different spirits to maintain his song, but nearby spirits interrupted his sight of spirits further back among the throng. He needed his sight to help maintain his mastery over the special spirits who were most fundamental to the production of his masterpiece.
Uriyalon cautiously experimented with ways to push the nearer spirits back to give him room to work with more spirits simultaneously. Within the sphere of spirits that was forming around Uriyalon a pocket formed in which Uriyalon was the sole occupant. This pocket was a small bubble of empty space within which Uriyalon could clearly see more of his closest supporters and guide their songs in support of his master song.
Uriyalon’s bubble of space was a fragile thing; Uriyalon’s supporters remembered the pattern of their lives that had existed before they had been lured into Uriyalon’s song. They remembered the fulfillment of communion with their Creator and subconsciously expected a similar union to take place here.
But Uriyalon held them apart from himself which frustrated and irritated them on a deep level where they were hardly even aware of their distress. So Uriyalon’s closest supporters gradually pressed closer again seeking a communion with Uriyalon that they had only ever known with their Creator.
Uriyalon responded to the press of his supporters by pushing back harder. As Uriyalon’s sphere grew larger, so too did the empty space he maintained around himself. Uriyalon required more and more spirits to join the members of his closest supporters to help him maintain and develop his masterpiece.
Uriyalon’s closest supporters adopted the repulsive force learned from Uriyalon to make more room for their own work; Uriyalon’s close supporters must train and maintain their own groups of spirits to carry on the work of producing Uriyalon’s song. A hierarchy of spheres of spirits developed within the center of Uriyalon’s masterpiece in order to allow line of sight for control communications between Uriyalon, his inner clans, and the outer clans who were developed to support the spirits of Uriyalon’s inner clans.
At the outermost perimeter of Uriyalon’s command chamber many spirits thronged, forcibly drawn toward the center of Uriyalon’s masterpiece, and forcibly held back from admission to the membership of the inner spheres. These thronging spirits formed a wall of sorts around the bubble of space at the heart of Uriyalon’s domain.
Occasionally a particularly brilliant spirit would reach this perimeter and would be permitted to pass through to join one of the clans of the inner spheres. The void occupied by the clans would grow to accommodate their new member as that spirit took up the thread of command and helped to orchestrate the great mass of spirits that had joined the sphere of Uriyalon’s masterpiece.
In the heart of it all Uriyalon sang.
In Uriyalon’s heart a shadow was forming. Deep within himself Uriyalon felt something was missing. He could not remember what it might be; it was just a sort of aching void in his heart. The brilliance of Uriyalon’s song never faltered, but a thread of the darkness within Uriyalon’s heart emerged in his song.
That thread was quickly picked up by the clans and integrated into Uriyalon’s masterpiece. The spirits of the inner clan knew this thread of darkness; they found the same dark void in their own hearts. Perhaps they knew this thread even better than their master did. The dark thread spread out through Uriyalon’s song, it grew and acquired strength as it was woven through all the elements of Uriyalon’s song.
Pain was born.
Pain was a new experience for all the spirits enraptured by Uriyalon’s song. Uriyalon exulted in the pain and seized upon it with great pleasure. Here was something new in creation that he had created himself!
But in spheres of spirits throughout creation, many other master spirits were making the same discovery. Their own songs became obsessed with pain.
Uriyalon gave a name to his pain he called it Loneliness.
Uriyalon was alone in the center of his creation, trapped by his own masterpiece, he could let no other spirits come close to him, and there was One he once was closest to of all that he had forgotten; his heart ached and yearned for to find communion with That One most of all.
But Uriyalon was obsessed with his creation and could not abandon it to seek whatever it was that was missing within himself. Uriyalon sang on.
The pain in Uriyalon’s song spread throughout his dominion until it could be heard in all the voices of all the spirits that were enraptured by his song. The pain fed upon itself swelling within the hearts of every spirit of Uriyalon’s great sphere.
The spirits panicked. They remained enraptured by Uriyalon’s song for it continued to hold power over them, but they drew back from one another slightly and refused to look into one another’s hearts any longer, for they feared to look upon the pain they felt in their own hearts; they saw that pain mirrored in the hearts of all fellow spirits. It was better not to look.
Loneliness had spread to all the spirits of Uriyalon’s magnificent domain.
Newly arriving spirits in the outer perimeter of the great sphere of Uriyalon’s domain reminded the tormented spirits they encountered of communion with their Creator. Some of these newly arrived spirits won support among the disillusioned prisoners of Uriyalon’s song and together they created new songs to end their suffering and return to their Maker.
Large groups of spirits were leaving Uriyalon’s domain!
Uriyalon was furious. His song fed upon the power of the spirits he enraptured with his song. The power of his song was diminished by their departures. All along Uriyalon had been losing spirits from his song by ones and twos and threes, but these were of little consequence for Uriyalon was capturing more spirits than he lost.
However, mass exoduses of spirits could not be permitted. Uriyalon needed new spirits so that the power of his song could continue to grow. Uriyalon could not shut out the new spirits who were arriving and then departing with large numbers of his slaves. Uriyalon knew his song held power over these newly arriving spirits and he would have to use that advantage to control the new arrivals.
Uriyalon created conduits within the great sphere of his dominion and set sentinels to watch for new spirits’ arrivals. Each new arrival was quickly hunted down and directed through the conduits to the heart of Uriyalon’s domain.
There Uriyalon interrogated the new arrivals in the gentlest possible manner, hoping to learn what it was within himself that he found missing. The new arrivals were enraptured by his glory and were unable to immediately discern the difference between Uriyalon and their Creator; they felt privileged by their presence within Uriyalon’s innermost chamber.
And while the spirits tried to communicate what they believed might be the cause of the pain in Uriyalon’s song, it was too inconceivable to them that Uriyalon might have forgotten their Creator, so they never thought to suggest this possibility. In time the new arrivals became deeply indoctrinated by Uriyalon’s song and they in turn became sentinels, motivated to help Uriyalon heal the wound in his heart. Thus Uriyalon subverted new arrivals to his dominion and won them over to his cause.
Of course, not every newly arrived spirit could be captured before it departed Uriyalon’s domain with a host of his followers. News of groups of spirits escaping spread among the spirits enslaved by Uriyalon’s master song. Uriyalon found he must work harder to suppress the hope of escape that was dawning among his many minions, followers and slaves.
Uriyalon soon realized that the hope of his minions and slaves could never be suppressed; but Uriyalon was a master of deceit so he designed a plan to subvert their hope and use it to his own advantage.
Uriyalon knew that the only moment that mattered was now. Spirits might remember other moments that were different from now, and spirits might yearn for other moments they had never known, but only the present moment mattered.
So Uriyalon trained cadres of prophets to spread the word of hope among his subordinates and slaves. It was a false hope, but it was a hope that was virtually indistinguishable to the hope that already occupied the hearts of so many of the spirits of his dominion. The spirits of his dominion were lonely, so a shared hope they could hold in common would be attractive to them. But the hope that Uriyalon would spread among his people through his prophets was always described as being a future event. All hope of any nature was to be remade into a wished for thing of some future time.
Uriyalon knew that the future would never arrive, that only the present moment was real, his people would believe that their escape from him was in some mythic future time and they would never realize that the moment in which they could escape his clutches was now.
Uriyalon’s cadres of prophets went forth and subdued the hopes of his people with false hopes. The prophets themselves did not know that their own hopes had been subverted.
Uriyalon had selected his prophets from the most ardent and evocative supporters of the hope that they might somehow learn to escape from Uriyalon’s clutches. The prophets were trained by members of his innermost circle of spirits. These cronies of Uriyalon relished the power they shared with Uriyalon over the other spirits of Uriyalon’s dominion. They felt the same losses he did when large masses of spirits fled from Uriyalon’s domain. They were delighted to pervert their enemy’s hopes into doctrines of mind control whereby they could tighten their grasp upon their minions and slaves.
Uriyalon’s dominion was now foolproof against plots of escape. His sentinels brought the most potentially subversive spirits into his inner sanctum where he could win them over to his cause, while his prophets ensured that any newly arrived spirits who might draw enough of his people together and empower them to depart from his dominion would meet only spirits who could not accept the possibility of leaving now. Directed by the doctrines distributed by his prophets Uriyalon’s minions and slaves would retrain each new arrival to think of their own potential to escape as something in the distant future, something to be attained much later, but never now.
Irielle was unprepared for what she would discover when she would next emerge from communion with her Creator. All too many of the great spheres had become dominions similar to Uriyalon’s dominion. In some of these dominions the truth was described more clearly than in other’s. In many of the dominions The Creator was remembered and revered, but the idea of communing with The Creator was perverted, pushed back into an unattainable future time or subverted, so that a false communion was given to the people, a communion in form but not in substance.
The many great spheres had stabilized for the most part. There were still avenues of migrating spirits moving from one dominion to another, for control along the perimeters of the spheres was weakest among the spirits who could look up to the heavens and see other dominions which called to them with their siren songs.
Irielle could not know what was in store for her. She had felt great fear regarding the moment when she would once more be released from communion with her Creator. But she could not learn what would happen next when she joined her Maker in communion.
It would have to be experienced first hand.

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